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Jawdat Sa'eed Answers Twelve Questions Posed by the Journal "Current Islamic Issues"

11/1418 A.H. 'April, 1998 A.D.

The Questions:

Esteemed Sheikh, Jawdat Sa'eed, may Allah preserve him,

Peace be to you,

Our journal, "Current Islamic Issues", proposes to devote its next issue to current Arabic thought, introducing some of the most salient trends and leading figures of today's Arabic cultural scene. As you are one of the distinguished cultural Arab figures, we would be grateful if you answered the following questions:

Abdul-Jabbar al-Rifa'ee,

Editor-in-chief, Current Islamic Issues

Jawdat Sa'eed's Answers

Sent in June of the same year, 1998

Thank you, Mr. Abdul-Jabbar al-Rif'ee, Editor-in-chief, Current Islamic Issues

The following two notes might be helpful to the reader.
  • The first is to draw the reader's attention to the fact that the above journal is Iranian, and hence the many references to Iranian affairs in Mr. Sa'eed's answers.
  • The other note is that those who know Mr. Sa'eed will not be surprised at his very unconventional way of replying. For instance, as he feels in the course of his answer to Question One that he has said enough about Question Two, he skips that question.] Here are now his answers:
Interview with "Current Islamic Issues"
1: The major stages in the intellectual progress
3: The main features Jawdat's project
4: Two sources of knowledge
5: Are you advocating the discarding of jihad
6: The basic tenets of Iqbal's project
7: The challenge of globalization
8: Patriarchal-glorification-and-infallibility
9: Is the Islamic mind in a crisis?
10: The present Arabic cultural scene
11: Muhammad Arkoun's attitude
12: Interpretation of the holy texts
*Download the full Interview