Be Like Adam's Son: Adam's son and the Quibbling Factions

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Over the ages we have seen how the Muslim factions, like the followers of other religions, have clashed with each other and killed each other in the name of their understanding of religion. But we have a good model in Adam's son – for he announced his refusal to be a party in this vicious circle of killing and counter-killing. And when the Messenger, peace be upon him, told two of his companions, on two separate occasions, to keep aloof when people went into partisan fighting, was he demanding something that clashed with normal human nature?

It is still a far cry to urge a Muslim adopt the way of Adam's son, for men still say that such stance goes contrary to humankind's instinct and inborn nature. And I fully realize that to overcome this concept it is not enough to cite verses of the Qur'an or traditions of the Prophet. But I do urge the Muslim to think of the following fact about the Qur'an: God does not mention the ruling concerning inheritance more than once or twice, but He mentions the facts of history scores of times. How often the Qur'an represents scenes from the lives of previous nations and peoples, what brought perdition to nations, what was the outcome of people's turning a blind ear to the facts of history, or denying that they could find in history any useful lessons!

It will be a definite step forward when we take the events of history as our concrete evidence that the Qur'an is a book of truth. On the other hand we shall never be able to go forward as long as we take an arrogant stance towards history, and believe that we are somehow above its rules. When a people believe that they are exempted from the verdicts of history they will no longer give heed to its lessons. It was Satan who first boasted that what applied to others did not apply to him. Once you take your race, your nation, your tribe, or your creed not to be subject to the same laws as apply to others, that you have some special relationship with God or that you are of His own family, regardless of how you behave, then you will have chosen Satan's way.

This disease of arrogance and pride is something that makes one condemned to exclusion from entering Paradise, for the Prophet, peace be upon him, says, "No human will enter Paradise in whose heart there is the least grain of pride." (Related by Muslim) It is for this flaw of haughtiness that Satan was ejected from heaven, as the Qur'an reports, (15:34-35).

On the other hand Adam's son chose not to rise above the others; by holding his hand from assaulting the other, he announced his rejection of any kind of arrogance.