Be Like Adam's Son: About the Birth of the Idea of Follow the Example of Adam's son

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After the publication of my first book, The Way of Adam's son (in the mid-1960s), I was urged to write a sequel to it. That first book was brought out in a kind of hurry, as I felt at the time that something had to be said, before the uproar around me would submerge any sober talking. When, in 1990 I was invited to lecture in Sharjah, my host, Muhammad Salem al-Qasimee reminded me that my first book was, in my own words, just for proclamation; therefore, I was morally bound to bring out something, "for persuasion this time." Several others kept exhorting, but I somehow kept procrastinating.

And then, when my sister Laila succeeded at last in having me visit them in Canada in 1995, and after a visit to the United States, she put in front of me a sheaf of papers and said, "It is time you started." When I held the pen early next morning I felt I had the same feeling as I had at writing my first book, that a human's problem was in doing mischief, in not having learned the lesson of Adam's son.